Our crews are winding down with our last day of holiday lighting take downs and we wanted to sincerely thank not only our Christmas Decor clients but also our seasonal landscape customers for your continued patronage. We’ve really enjoyed working with you last year to keep your property looking and growing its very best.



contactThis year we will be celebrating our 26th Anniversary for landscaping services and 19th season of holiday decorating. Good customers are hard to find, and we value the opportunity to serve you. We’re always trying to improve the quality of our services, and your opinion means a lot to us. Have we responded to your requests promptly? Have we been professional and helpful? We want to hear from you, and we hope you’ll take a moment to either give us a call or like us on Facebook and let us know how we’re doing. Your input will help us to provide you with the exemplary service you deserve as we work on our own spring planning!


Existing Clients Prepay and Save! For those clients that use our Spring Services: Cleanup, Pruning, Bed Edging and Mulching…As a reminder keep an eye out for your spring maintenance packages and a copy of our latest newsletter in the mail. You can also view our online version here Winter/Spring newsletter 2018 new clients (4 page pdf)

Simply prepay for your 2018 services upfront with a deposit, and you’ll save up to 10%! Past spring maintenance clients or those that have had a planting, walkway or patio installed over the past few years-Packages will be going out mid-February with Prepay/Deposit Incentives for Spring 2018 Estimates. Contact us if any questions.


Assess Your Spring Outdoor Maintenance Needs Early

landscape-tips-exampleAlmost every yard and landscape gets a little out of shape during the off season. But with spring coming on strong, a little “warm-up” conditioning is probably all that’s needed to give you and your property a great jump on the season. Before long it’s going to be time to fire up the grill for that first great-tasting cook-out. And now’s the time to contact us regarding getting your yard and patio ready.

Front Entrances and Curb Appeal


Taking a walk to take stock…Spring Planning

A sunny afternoon is a great time to check out your lawn and garden situation and begin planning spring projects. Try carrying a small notebook with you as you tour your property. Now’s the time for making a list of the things you want to do yourself, things you want to have done by a professional, and any questions that come to mind. If you have time this week check out the Hartford Flower and Garden Show this weekend

Early planning needed for landscape projects

It’s a good idea to start early with any spring projects, but this is especially true for larger landscape installations or renovations. These take time to plan and construct, and spring production schedules fill up in a hurry. As a Unilock Authorized Paver Installer, we can assist you with 3D planning and budgeting: Get started with some fresh ideas for your outdoor patio area today!

picture-perfect-landscape-equipmentProfessional help in spring can be a great value

Spring is a busy time especially here in the Northeast. There are a lot of things to be done in a fairly short period of time once the weather starts to warm up. Spring planning is a good way to access if you can do the work yourself or need to hire a professional. At Picture Perfect Landscape, we have the proper equipment and manpower to assist with maintaining your landscape. Utilizing the right size equipment also does less damage to existing lawns and landscapes too.

Spring services offered: pruning, cleaning out the beds and weeding, creating a fresh edge against the lawn, and re-mulching. Update your landscape: Sometimes landscapes get neglected, have an outdated or overgrown look and pruning just won’t do. We can remove the undesirable shrubs or trees and suggest replacements to enhance and update your landscape and make it easier to care for.

Newer dwarf varieties of shrubs that are designed to be used in smaller places like foundations and entrance areas or along a deck or patio to enhance and give value to your landscape. Please feel free to call on us with any questions or other landscape projects you are thinking of. You may be pleasantly surprised at how economically some of your projects can be completed if planned and budgeted ahead of time before the crazy rush of spring. Look forward to hearing from you soon!


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