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CHRISTMAS DECOR — Full Service Holiday Decorating: Please Call for Current Availability  860-228-3915



 — Christmas Decor —
Full Service Professional Lighting and Decorating

Enjoy the Holidays and Leave the Decorating to Us. We Provide the Design-Decor-Installation-Maintenance-Removal and Storage

Incentives Available for early installs and booking before mid-November for both Home and Business

We Decorate Roofs, Windows, Doors, Lawn Borders, Shrubs, and Trees with our commercial grade LED products

100% Devoted to Holiday Lighting & Decorating Each Season

Professional Installation of Roof and Ground Lighting with Energy-Efficient LED C9 Bulbs and minilights

We are a Fully Licensed, Trained, Certified & Authorized Professional Christmas Decor Franchise Installer for over 20 years

Commercial Quality Garland, Wreaths, Bows and Specialty Decor such as Ornaments and Signs

Professional Installers and
the Decorating Possibilities Are Endless!

Celebrating our 20th season!

We Devote 100% of our Resources to Providing Full-Service Holiday Lighting & Decorating Every Year from October to February

We Only Offer Top-Of-The-Line, Commercial-Quality Holiday Lights and Decorations to Enjoy Each Season

Energy-efficient lighting with all the trimmings!

We use the latest in LED C9s and mini-lights which use 85% less energy than regular lights, as well as beautiful realistic greenery that looks good all season long no matter what the weather. House-mounted lights will be installed with durable clips instead of nails or staples, and larger items such as wreaths and garland will be secured using permanent fasteners & wires. Our process involves mapping, labeling, and color coding each decor item including cords so that they can be “reinstalled” exactly the same way each year. We also provide maintenance service during the holidays, leaving you to just enjoy the festive decoration. Being a Christmas Decor franchise with over 20 years experience means all staff are trained and certified each season for holiday lighting safety and we are held to a higher standard. We have to invest time, money and 100% of our resources each season starting as early as October and have a National company backing us up to insure we offer the latest in holiday lighting and set the standard for quality professional installations and product.

Flexible package programs and incentives for early installs

Since you are not buying any materials, you can add to or change service items each year to fit into your mood and budget, and know that everything will be taken care of for you. Minimum package prices start at around $800-1000 for simpler roof lines and single story homes. The national average cost for a colonial style is around $1500 and Connecticut’s average is $1400-2000+ (depends on how many lights, wreaths, trees, displays, etc.). We also offer special discount incentives for clients who order more than one year of service, or opt for either early scheduling (before 11/10) or late season (after 12/7) installations options.

Providing over 20 years of quality lighting and decorating

“The holiday lights are prettier than I had expected them to be – just dazzling!! Thank you so much for your help in selecting their placement, & for being so prompt in repairing them when 2 trees did not light completely (some kids took a few bulbs out of their sockets!) I enjoyed meeting you & talking with you by phone. I hope you & yours enjoy the very best in the New Year, & wish you continued success with your business.”


Glastonbury, CT

“Kim is such a professional. Calls when she says she will;always returns your calls & shows up when she says she will. Everyone worked so well together. Everything was done in a timely manner. Immediately following the pruning, no one could see where the clippings had been done; your pruning technique is impeccable! My experience has been very satisfying and delightful with both the summer jobs done and the holiday lighting service.”


Hebron, Ct

“Picture Perfect does a really professional job from beginning to end. When one bulb goes out and you call them, they are right there to replace it.”


South Glastonbury, CT

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