It all starts with a plan. Many home owners are overwhelmed by the prospect of landscaping their home and don’t know where to start. Many just start ripping out all the shrubs and trees on a mature and over grown landscape and then start from scratch but do the same mistakes all over again.



Here’s an interesting article that I came across that describes 90% of the landscapes that I have been going out to renovate over the years: Top 10 Landscape Mistakes by Steve Boehme 


Picture Perfect Landscapes Designed with Smart Maintenance in Mind:

We specialize in lower maintenance landscapes that offer 3 seasons of color and texture including evergreens, flowering shrubs, some specimen trees for interest and non invasive perennials.



This makes it easier for clients to have a smart maintenance program to manage either themselves or to have our crews come in once or twice a year to maintain for them.

Interested in finding out more, contact us today for a free landscape evaluation and estimate to have your home become “Picture Perfect” 🙂

Low Maintenance Plantings

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