I don’t know about you but I’m about done with the whole turkey thing. The last couple days have been great but I’m ready for a steak lol! Turkey sandwiches, turkey casserole, turkey soup and even turkey fried rice so needless to say I’m over it.



This weekend is usually the official start of the holiday lighting season for many of our clients. All they have to do is plug the cord into the bottom of the timer and voila! lights. Many of my early birds started right after Halloween and have been enjoying them for weeks already 🙂



Each year clients are curious as to how much it will cost to run the lights for the holidays. About 10 years ago we were still using incandescent bulbs like everyone else and the then we were one of the first in the state to convert to LED holiday C9 bulbs both for durability and longer lasting savings.



LED bulbs are energy efficient and last a lot longer than the old glass bulbs. Only drawback is that they do not give off heat and melt snow but most winters the snowstorms don’t start until later in January when people are turning the lights off for the season. Here is a recent article that I found on MSN that tells you exactly what the costs are and what your Christmas Lights will do to your electricity bill.


Daytime decorations are also a must once Thanksgiving is past so bring out the wreaths and the garland and give it the pop of color it needs with a nice bow or some winter picks to showcase your sense of style. This year silver and golds seem to be a big hit along with the traditional red colors of Christmas.





We have had many requests this year for color lights too-usually 90% of customers request traditional warm white lights but some new clients this year want to be unique and make things merry and bright. We have an assortment of colors to choose from to create your display.



Colored LED C9s look really nice when you have a little snow since it gives it the whole “gingerbread house” effect. Younger children especially like color and those of us that will always be young at heart and remember the colorful lights of their childhood 🙂

Maybe you don’t want to be so colorful or traditional but something in between…


Adding a splash of color here and there keeps it looking tasteful and elegant. There are many ways to switch up the decorations and add your own personal style to the daytime decor as well. We also have clients that like to add their own custom bows after we install so they can change out the look each year. Give us a call today for a free estimate and design!




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