Summer will be here in a few short months so now is the time start planning! Many folks make plans for their backyards during the winter so they can get started extending their time quality living outdoors asap once the weather warms up. But some may not know where to start especially if you’ve recently purchased a home the last few years. We can help 🙂 For over 30 years, we have worked with clients to create a space that works for their goals, family activities and budgets. Taking the time to Plan your outdoor patio space and backyard is important and will involve more than one meeting. 



As we talk with each family, not everyone has the same budget or purpose for their outdoor living space. Some folks work all day and only get to enjoy time outdoors after supper or on the weekends. Here’s a great article from HGTV about Patio Planning 101 that I found helped if you are thinking of renovating your backyard this year 🙂




Some folks work from home or may have younger kids and stay home all day so are looking for a clean space to retreat to. Give our office a call today to setup a free consultation and estimate 860-228-3915.






Here’s a good article on some 2024 Backyard Modern Materials ideas to get you started and we can show you a 3D visual mockup of a proposed outdoor living area. 





Picture Perfect Landscape is an Authorized Contractor for Unilock Pavers and Walls and they have some beautiful material to create your outdoor oasis. You can check out their design center for ideas to get started. Once you have a basic idea as to what style you like and elements you would like to incorporate, give us a call.


We also are certified TechoBloc installers and New England Silica has a showroom located in South Windsor that we highly recommend. We are able to meet with clients at their home, check out the project site, discuss their plans and goals, and suggest the appropriate materials and design/layout to fit their budget.


Depending on budgets and long-term goals, sometimes this may mean doing the project in a couple of phases, but clients can achieve their objectives without having to sacrifice quality. Having a realistic budget is key and smart planning goes a long way to customer satisfaction. Also working with a reputable and experienced contractor makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction and overall experience. We have over 30 years of referrals and building a relationship with folks who continue to refer us out to friends, family and neighbors goes a long way in client retention.

Here are just a few sample computer video designs that we have done. See what your landscape can look like before the project starts. 

Every winter Ron attends seminars and hands on training demos up in Massachusetts on the latest products for patio area spaces. Lots of beautiful paver choices as well as updated wall block available for creating walls and seating areas. These are some new interlocking wall block systems that looks great for complimenting patio and pool areas.

If you are interested in incorporating structures such as pergolas, pavilions or gazebos, our friends over at Kloter Farms in Ellington CT have a great outdoor showroom with lots of outdoor furniture as well as structures including swing sets, gliders, fireplaces, etc. to add to your patio area enjoyment.



You can also visit Carefree Buildings in Colchester or Newington that have sheds, playscapes, gazebos as well as open pavilions and pergolas to assist in providing shade and protecting your furniture.

You can also check out for assorted open pergola ideas and options wood, vinyl and metal and get ideas to create your backyard dream space. 



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