This time of year many towns have special events usually planned starting Thanksgiving weekend continuing into the first weekends of December to celebrate the season. Whether it’s a grand holiday tree lighting or smaller event to bring the community together, a lot of time, planning and budgeting is involved to make these things happen each year.





Planning and organizing a Holiday Tree Lighting event is not an easy task. Budgets are discussed and proposals made during the earlier part of the year, so that product is ordered, equipment and crews are scheduled in October and November while the weather nicer as long as Mother Nature doesn’t throw a hurricane or N’Oreaster at you lol 🙂





We have worked with many families and businesses too that want to celebrate the season in style either publicly or for the privacy of their own enjoyment. A lot of man hours, lights, power, knowledge and patience is involved but the end result is always worth it!






Winter parties and celebrations, special events like winter weddings, some involving heated tents, caterers, marching bands, and carolers and we’ve even seen the artificial snow machine get brought out on a mild winter to make the event spectacular and memorable. 





Only a few more weeks to go and with the forecast of snow showers this weekend, I wanted to say a special Thank You to all our clients for using our services over the past 18 years. Also our appreciation and gratitude to all our dedicated and hardworking elves out in the field installing lights in the cold, wind and rain so we can stay on schedule, and especially to all our friends and family that help out this crazy time of year with understanding our hectic schedules, babysitting offers, and listening to our funny Christmas Lighting stories and client requests that make this business so rewarding!

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