Callahan Planting (16)New England goes through many seasons and no 2 years are usually the same. We can get buried in 6′ of snow and below freezing temperatures for 2 months out of the year or have wet springs and then summer drought conditions and temperatures in the high 90s like last summer. Sometimes we get a delayed rainy cold spring like this year and now lots of pollen in the air or we don’t get a spring at all like the last few seasons. You just never know!



drainageproblem11What we do know is that the severe weather elements like rain and snow along with freezing or hot temperatures impact our outdoor lawns and structures. This can be seen especially with improper drainage-whether it’s your gutter downspouts or driveways, or even lawns that are not pitched correctly and you can see standing water during snow melting in the spring or rainstorms. Besides little critters and insects, I’ve found that water is the number one culprit to damaging, cracking and shifting patios, walkways, driveways and foundations.


damaged sidewalkEach year customers call up looking for solutions to fix their sinking poured concrete patio or sidewalk that now has become a trip hazard especially for the elderly. Plus the damaged areas are a nightmare to shovel snow and because of this the cycle continues with freezing snow/water expanding the cracks and holes and then melting in spring creating a bigger problem. Depending on your particular budget, there are a few solutions and you can check out comparing poured or stamped concrete versus Concrete Pavers HERE first to help you make your decision.


concrete-paver-walkways-brussels-block-sandstone-paver-limestone-border-4For over 25 years we have specialized in Interlocking Concrete Pavers: Easy to Maintain, More Level than Natural Flag Stone, Easier to Shovel Snow, and not slippery like bluestone surfaces. You can check out the many benefits of Interlocking Concrete Pavers versus other material like stamped concrete, brick, and poured cement here.



concrete-paver-walkways-24Each year there are new styles and colors that offer our clients the durability of concrete but the style and flexibility of various color and design to make your home entrance inviting and safe for your family and friends. Some look more like natural stone or brick.




Landscaping such as walkways and planting beds frame your home and allows you to showcase your individual taste and style.



It’s amazing how just changing the curves of the walk can make your planting beds larger and it balances the straight lines and angles of your home.



Including Borders or a different paver inside the design are also hot items that many homeowners are utilizing for both entrances and back patio areas.



drainage problem 2When we go out to estimate replacing an older brick or cement walkway with concrete pavers, we also look at any drainage issues that may be causing the damage in the first place. If you do not fix the water problem it does not matter how good the new walk looks. In a few years it will happen again. Sometimes the driveway was installed and is now too high or not pitched correctly to move water away from the house and is sending it towards the sidewalk or beds.


We can also look at any existing front stoop or stairs to give your front entrance a facelift at the same time. There are a few solutions to replacing your front door stoop-solid stairs like granite or concrete steps like the ones in the photo to the left.



Sometimes we can even use complimenting pavers and retaining wall block to create a new stair entrance. You can see more examples HERE.

Unilock Paver Catalog      Techo Bloc Paver Catalog

If you are thinking about replacing your front entrance or walk, contact us today for a free quote!

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