Hard to believe but in 3 weeks Christmas will be upon us once again. Because it falls on a Monday this year, that means 3 more shopping weekends for those of us that haven’t even started shopping yet 🙂

It also means at least 2 and a half more weeks of lighting and greenery installations for our crews as long as the weather holds and we don’t get a major snowstorm.

Many people are buttoning down the house for the winter and still cleaning up yards full of leaves since it was such a late fall here in New England. Each evening as I drive around I see more and more houses are lighting up for the season too. With the weather turning more seasonably cooler, fresh cut Christmas Trees are out on display as well as fresh greens to adorn windows, doors, and fences.


For 18 years, we have providde commercial quality realistic greenery to accent both homes and businesses throughout Ct. This year we’ve already installed over 300 wreaths and 5000 feet of garland and I’ve still got more coming in this week. We order over 1200 bows each season to replenish our inventory and it’s always nice to add that last finishing touch of color to a holiday lighting display.



Speaking of lighting, we use warm white LED bulbs to create a soft and elegant display whether on the house, building, greenery or in the landscape. Larger C9s are great for structures including outlining beds like the one displayed here.






Color seems to be a popular trend this year-lots of requests for multi-color even though 80% of our clients still prefer the look of warm white.




thank youSmaller mini-lights add the twinkly effect in greenery, shrubs or trees. Sometimes it’s also nice to add some color accents to the warm white whether in red, blue, green or multi-color to give it some added pizazz.



Including lawn decor such as deer, snowmen, lighted gift boxes, snowflakes on stakes or even dear old Santa himself also gives each home its own unique style and sense of celebration this time of year.










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