A few weeks ago I had designed a backyard enhancement for a retired couple looking to add another planting to their existing landscape. I spoke with both of them and we decided to see if there would be enough space to incorporate a small fountain or water feature along with a portable fire pit to enjoy during the evening.


After a few meetings to tweak the design and budget, the clients were ready to go. Within 2 days the crew came out and transformed this lawn area above a retaining wall into a beautiful spot to grab a morning coffee, enjoy an afternoon lunch or book, or sit and go over things together as a couple or entertain with friends at the end of the day.




There was a lot of digging to install the recirculating plumbing and get the boxes that will hold and filter the water installed. The dirt was used to build up the flat area so that the waterfall and stream could flow down to the gravel area and disappear. Liner and underlayment cloth were then added to the stream bed, and then larger rocks and stone were placed around the waterfall and stream before the smaller gravel was spread out.

The pink Rubra dogwood and other plants were placed out, approved, then installed and area mulched as well. Last was adding the pump and water to fill up the tanks, chlorine tablet to keep water clear and then turn it on. Clients had put together their fire pit the day before in the garage and added a couple of temporary chairs while they wait on their adirondack chairs to come in.




Below are some photos of the construction and I will be going out in the next week to take a live video of the water and area and make sure everything is working well. Also the clients new chairs should be in to add the finishing touch 🙂




Each of our projects are unique and designed for the client based on their yard and elements we have to work with. If interested in finding more info on these types of water features we install check out this video: Aquascapes Pondless Waterfall


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