So it’s exactly one week before we will be celebrating around a table filled with turkey, ham, and all the delicious side dishes and fixings that make Thanksgiving so memorable each year 🙂



One of our best clients are John and Shireen Aforisimo who own and are the innkeepers of the Silas W Robbins Bed and Breakfast located in historic Wethersfield. During the holidays many people like to stop by and take photos in front of the decorated house and grounds. It’s very popular for weddings and other events as well. Also would make a great special gift experience for that special couple that wants to have a romantic get away in classic Victorian style. There’s plenty of popular restaurants and places to visit locally (some within walking distance) and get treated with first class service!


If you are an entrepreneur and looking to go into the hospitality world and history is your cup of tea this property is actually for sale. You can find out more info and see the beautiful interior that makes this property so unique.



Working with the crews yesterday, we installed the garland and lights again in preparation for their holiday season. We have used different purple accents including decomesh over the years for bows and ribbon and this year I had some custom made and it’s got a little sparkle to make it even more festive!

Shireen was busy cooking and baking inside and the lovely smells made us all hungry lol. And before you know it, out she comes with a fresh batch of frosted S cookies that she brought out to all of us to enjoy! Thanks Shireen- they were absolutely delicious 🙂


We are busy each day working with the rain and cold and windy weather that usually marks November in New England. We even had some snowflakes in the air several mornings this week so “time to bundle up” as I like to say to my son Jason as we are waiting for the school van lol!


Speaking of my son, last year was a very momentous Christmas for our family. We happened to be doing some stair and walking exercises for his physical therapy at the Shoppes at Somerset in town when we ran into a jolly old soul! Now my 10 year son Jason has never wanted to have anything to do with the Easter Bunny or Santa especially when it comes to photos and strangers and the whole autism/sensory issue thing. So we just said a quick hello and continued on our way up the stairs.





Well wouldn’t you know, he finished his workout and before he left he calmly walked over to Santa who was all alone waiting for the next family to come in and take photos. Jason said hello and the next thing you know, he’s telling him about singing in chorus at school and starts singing the Hot Chocolate song from Polar Express! So of course I whipped out my IPhone and started snapping pics (without flash of course lol) and even got a 30 second video. Then he said-“All Done Santa” and we made our way out the door.

That Santa sure did made my day! Only took 10 years to get a picture and boy was it worth it-Happy Mom tears and all!!!

So as we continue installing lights and putting up wreaths and garland, and straightening the bows and there seems like there is never enough time in the day, I like to think of the happy memories we are creating for families and loved ones this time of year. For many families and small businesses like ours, we understand holiday lights are a luxury and not a necessity and we are privileged to service their businesses and homes each season!



Sharing the Gift of Lights is a special moment for all the clients we service and believe me when I tell you that over the past 18 seasons there are stories galore- both very happy and some bitter sweet. From baby’s first Christmas to maybe someone’s last- Every family celebrates the season in their own special way and we are honored to be able to share in their enjoyment and provide these services each year 🙂 



As a client texted me this morning after signing up to give her hubby a surprise with lighting up the house roof this Christmas, in her words:

“I know like every job, there is SO much that happens behind the scenes, but what joy you bring to people! Thank You :)” Kate C. East Hartford









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