Now that school is out and everyone is either on vacation or planning one over the next 6-8 weeks, summer is a great time to tackle those landscape projects that may have not gotten done this past spring. Perhaps the planting beds have gotten overgrown or the weeds have taken over after all the spring rains. Now is the perfect time to give everything a nice trim since growth tends to stop during the summer heat.



Checkout our summer newsletter 2017 for some useful tips on summertime watering and lawn care. Also get some ideas to enhance your back yard too.




Thinking of installing a patio area to enjoy this summer? Easy to maintain and enjoy and the styles available can be very complimentary to your home. Maybe some pavers or edging on your existing project needs to be fixed or cobblestone has to be reset after a few years of wear and tear with the cold New England winters and the hot summers and thunderstorms.



We also can powerwash areas and sweep in some new polymeric sand to freshen up your walkways and patios. After years of debris that may have dirtied them, it can look like new again!



If you’ve got a wall that is bowing out or collapsing, summer is the time to fix it. Old wooden tie borders can be replaced with cobblestone, and older wood or natural stone walls can be updated with concrete retaining wall systems that have the proper drainage installed too.



Perhaps you just got a new pool installed and looking to cleanup the area around it. Larger Riverstone looks great and no mulch getting into pool filters or skimmers. Minimal plantings designed for the summertime heat but keeping in mind texture and color to keep things interesting from May until October but sensible maintenance for when you close up the pools for the season.

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