Concrete Paver Stones offer homeowners a clean and safe choice for their patios and around their pool areas. They dry quickly, aren’t slippery, and are easy to maintain each year. Today there are a lot of choices in regards to size, shape and color to make your project look beautiful. You can even add border accents in different style or color too.


Check out some of the latest styles and colors for 2017: Techo Bloc Products          Unilock Products

Many clients prefer stone in the pool areas so that grass clippings and mulch do not get blown into the pool and filters. Depending on whether it’s for a planting around the perimeter or fence, or if there are any pathways, we can design something low maintenance and easy to care for.


Just in the past 3 weeks alone we have taken care of a dozen pool areas, whether it’s just cleaning it up for the start of summer, completing the final landscape elements like privacy trees and some plantings to soften the hardscapes, or converting an older pool area with too many plants and overgrown shrubs to an updated and easy to care for landscape that they can now enjoy.


Considering that most of us in Connecticut are only in the pool from May to late September, it is very important to have things opened up early on in late April to June so that when the heat gets here you can get the most out of your pool and backyard investment.




Cleaning up Fall leaves and invasive weeds are the 2 biggest culprits to homeowners enjoyment especially if there are a lot of surrounding trees or woods nearby. Our crews assist with weeding, pruning, freshening up any areas with stone or mulch, and sometimes even cleaning up the paver areas and sweeping in new joint sand if it’s over 10 years old and needs a little facelift to look new again.

Using various styles of stepping stones set in peastone or rock also allows for cleaner pool area access and maintenance. One of the hot items that seems to be a great find is a torch that burns grass and other vegetation from rock areas to keep them weed free and nice looking. Professional have used them for years on commercial properties and now homeowners can also use this tool in a smaller version for under $75: see Home Depot Torch Blower



if you spend a lot of time in your backyard, especially if you work from home or have the summers off, then you want to enjoy your landscape and not be a slave to it each weekend.




We design landscapes with 3 seasons of interest that are not only easier to care for, but can also allow places where you can change out the annuals each year depending on your mood and the color of the year you are in the mood for. Maybe last year was hot pinks and yellows and now you want to stick with red, white and purple to show off your patriotic side 🙂



Next season the coral colors might be the rage and all you have to do is add a few spots of color: in containers, hanging off the fence or planted by the main entrance and gate areas as a welcoming hello.

I just finished a pool area landscape with pathways, stepping stones, rock, and plantings that we were able to finish in less than 3 days. I will update this blog article with before and after photos when I go back Monday 🙂

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