Yes that’s right-the holiday season is starting next week. In a few days, the goblin and ghouls will be among us for another Halloween. I bought a few bags of Reese’s peanut butter cups and some snack size snickers in preparation a few weeks ago, but looking at my candy dish this morning I realized my supplies have been depleted and will need to stock up at Walgreens again this weekend 🙂



That also means in less than 4 weeks that turkey will be roasting for Thanksgiving which is a little earlier this year (November 23rd to be exact). I’m one of the lucky ones that does not have to cook for that special day. For the past 25 years my husband’s mom has had the honor of hosting Thanksgiving and my family has been included in his family’s festivities since we started dating. We go over early to help out but it’s the one day I get to relax and try not to stuff myself too much!


The recent rainy weather has also reminded me to stock up on my son’s favorite cold weather treat-HOT CHOCOLATE…can’t get enough when the temps go from 36 degrees in the morning to 70 degrees off the van and then by the time the sun sets it’s 40 again and hot cocoa time! The sun seems to be setting much earlier since daylight saving is still another week off this year and we don’t get that extra hour until Sunday November 5th.





But it does help out the crews when putting lights up in trees this time of  year so I’m not complaining too much lol! Most of our malls and retail locations are all set and ready to be plugged in. Just have to hang up that wreath or put up a few pieces of garland and bows next 2 weeks and we are ready to go.



Our holiday crews will be turning on the lights at our commercial locations and continuing to install lights in trees as the leaves finish falling. Speaking of trees, we also just received notice that Hartford did reach it’s fund raising goal for Winterfest 2017 so the skating rink will be offering free skating again.



Busy Holiday Season!If interested in donating or finding out about all this year’s events click on this LINK.



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