Update: 2/27/17 IMG_7914Ron visited the 36th Annual CT Flower and Garden Show this past weekend. There were a few water features displayed and our friends over at Aquascapes of CT had a beautiful one that he took a quick video of. Check out the You Tube Video.

This is what our backyard oasis looked like last year Poulin Backyard Pond




Over the years, I’ve found that a garden can serve many purposes. It all depends on the owner/creator/designer and what goal they are looking to achieve. At Picture Perfect Landscape we have a few types of gardens that are not only more simple to incorporate into your existing landscape, but also easier to take care of.

Relaxation using the Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire

Classical element - Earth Water Air Fire Glass

Stone is easy to maintain outdoors whether it’s concrete pavers, river rock, cobblestone or larger field stone and boulders. Adding water for coolness and fire for warmth will enhance your outdoor experience as well as furniture such as swings and gliders to enjoy cool breezes throughout the season. Fire pit and water feature areas placed in the yard to be enjoyed by all.

relax by fire pitIMG_4738garden swing





Sensory Gardens Using The 5 Senses- Touch, Taste, Sight, Sound, and Smell

lilac and childraised vegetable gardenlavender






Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter each have their own colors and textures to tempt our senses. Finding easy to care for, non-spreading plants and shrubs is the key to having a neat appearance in the garden and not having to spend hours working on it before you can enjoy it. Also raised garden containers are easier to maintain whether it’s vegetables or flowers.

We can suggest plants that will enhance your outdoor experience once we know what you like and don’t like including colors, textures, and scents.

Memory Gardens to Celebrate Life

memorialbenchgardencobblestone memorial garden






Above is a 3D video garden design I created last year for assisting Dan McCormack of Hebron, CT with his Eagle Scout project. It allowed him to show people what the finished garden project should look like and helped the volunteers to get a better visual too. The actual project is located in the back of Holy Family Church located in Hebron.

We can assist in designing a space for honoring those we have loved and lost including family, friends and even pets or create new memories to celebrating events such as births, weddings, or other triumphs.

Below is a link to a memory garden that I came across online. It was designed to be used for those with Alzheimer’s and other disabilities…


memory garden






Do you have a garden project in mind that you would like to get some ideas and costs on? Give us a call to today and let’s start planning 🙂







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