Have to say this has been a pretty decent summer so far (other than the mega weeds from all the rain lol). Lots of nice sunshine and weather not too hot or dry and with the cooler evening temperatures it makes it a great time of year for plantings, transplants, lawn repairs and overseeding too. Click Here to open our latest newsletter PDF and go to page 2 for why lawns are easier to establish this time of year and contact us for an estimate or to be scheduled for services.


Cooler evenings also means a great excuse to have a nice warm fire to extend your time outdoors this summer and fall. We offer a number of different fire pit options to fit your style and budget. These can be added to an existing patio or create a new space in your backyard to enjoy this year.






Speaking of cooler thoughts-Ron just got back from our annual Christmas Decor conference which took place down in Orlando, Florida. This year there was more commercial displays and products especially ones that look great during the day and even better at night when they light up! There are also smaller options for residential clients to give that special something to make the season bright.





Can’t believe the holidays start in about 4 months but it always comes real fast once Back To School Season arrives. I already spoke with about a dozen new clients from last year that want to order and pre-book so they can take advantage of early incentives and discounts. And yes that is boss Ron sitting in Santa’s chair with the elf helpers! Gotta love it 🙂

Interested in adding services or becoming a new customer? Check out more holiday service info HERE and contact Kim to get a free estimate today.













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