Finch, BeforeConcrete Paver Patio Project-From Initial Design to Installation

Many homeowners are not aware of the actual amount of time it takes to get from having an idea to improve their home with a backyard patio area, making a phone call to setup an initial meeting to walk through the site and the actual finished project. It can take several meetings and emails to include going over the space and possible uses, measuring out the area so it can be expanded or consolidated if the budget needs to be adjusted and changes to the design itself. And that’s before any construction is even started. This can take a few weeks or even a few months depending onĀ  the client’s ability to decide on the little details such as style, color and amount of space they want to spend their money on. The actual work once started usually only takes a few days or maybe a few weeks but time taken planning the project assures the client that the end result is what they wanted and there are no surprises. This customization allows clients to get the most value out of their space and furniture without wasting pavers or materials.

This is an example of a backyard patio area that was designed on the computer back in April and then construction was started a few weeks ago and completed.


Finch Patio DesignRon met with the clients a few times to go over budget and expectations. They were also provided with a 3D design to they had a better visual to go with their estimated costs.

Phase one was the backyard patio and fire pit area that was completed and then phase two will be the front walkway and stair started last week. Click HERE for video.




Finch, Colin (11)Screeding of Sand baseProcess base installed, stings set for sand layerPavers deliveredFirst pavers installedIMG_6413IMG_6414CuttingIMG_6421

IMG_6438Compleated fire pit

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