picture-perfect-landscape-lower-maintenance-plantings-25I was walking through the nursery a few days ago looking for some large trees for plantings that we are installing over the next several weeks and couldn’t help but hear this conversation between two ladies:

First Lady: “My azaleas looked nice last month but now everything is just green and boring. My neighbors have some beautiful perennials from spring to fall but I don’t have the know-how or time to spend with that type of project and don’t like the look when they are not flowering…”

Second Lady: ” Yes I know what you mean! My plants have been there since we built the house 30 years ago and I would love to give it some more color especially during the summer or fall. My husband and I have tried to re-landscape a few times but don’t know where to start either…”



easy to care for landscapeThis is not the first time I’ve heard this from clients calling up to see what would be involved with renovating an existing 15-30 year old landscape or high maintenance planting beds and converting it to something with more seasonal color and interest plus be easier to take care of. I tell them it all starts with the right plant selection, keeping in mind what the overall planting will look like in spring, summer, fall and winter. By carefully choosing specific evergreens, flowering shrubs, specimen trees, and some select perennials you can have a landscape that has 4 seasons of interest (color, texture, and movement), be easier to care for, and still have some room for changes by adding window boxes, containers, or empty spaces in the landscape that can be changed out with annuals.





2011 Effie Moutogianns (2)This is not always an easy task. Lower maintenance landscapes may cost a little more to install but you ultimately save on the yearly maintenance required to keep things in check and looking good. Just like installing crushed stone for beds is more upfront than mulch, but you do not have to keep re-installing the stone each season-just stay up on the weed control and blowing out leaves and debris to keep it looking nice.

Below are a few examples of lower maintenance plantings with seasonal color incorporated. We also do video designs so that clients can get a feel and visual for their potential landscape. Sample Landscape Design Video




Callahan Planting (16)Callahan Planting (7)Jackter planting (3)Jackter planting (4)Dimartino planting 009Planting in 3inch stoneCallahan Planting (21)


Hazel planting 0022011 Karrenbauer (9)

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