It all starts with a plan. Many home owners are overwhelmed by the prospect of landscaping their home and don’t know where to start. Many just start ripping out all the shrubs and trees on a mature and over grown landscape and then start from scratch but do the same mistakes all over again.



Folks often purchase a home and inherit a landscape that the previous owner took care of over many years. Beautiful, colorful gardens and perennials with flowers from spring to fall. Problem is the new homeowner has neither knowledge or time or money to keep up this Labor of Love as I like to refer to it. Here’s an interesting article that I came across that describes 90% of the landscapes that I have been going out to renovate over the years: Top 10 Landscape Mistakes by Steve Boehme 

This is a recent project we just did first week of June last year where the homeowner ripped out an older landscape and called to have an updated landscape that he would like to have pruned and mulched annually. BEFORE PHOTOS

We kept a few of his hydrangeas, shrubs and perennials-transplanted a few for design purposes and updated his home with new curb appeal and 3 seasons of interest. We also repaired the walkway edging and some low spots at the same time and now all they have to do is water 🙂 AFTER PHOTOS

Picture Perfect Landscapes Designed with Smart Maintenance in Mind: For over 30 years Picture Perfect Landscape has specialized in lower maintenance landscapes that offer 3 seasons of color and texture including evergreens, flowering shrubs, some specimen trees for interest and non-invasive perennials. 

This makes it easier for clients to have a smart maintenance program to manage either themselves or to have our crews come in once or twice a year to maintain for them. Interested in finding out more, contact us today for a free landscape evaluation and estimate to have your home become “Picture Perfect” 🙂


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