Temperatures are finally starting to warm up this week and the buds on the trees will be emerging as lawns start turning green again. Today’s homeowners’ want interesting trees and shrubs in their landscape but most don’t want to have a gardener or landscape company on their property monthly to take care of it to keep it looking beautiful. Especially when they don’t have a green thumb or even have an idea as to what’s a weed or what’s a flower. Click here for our spring 2021 newsletter PDF 

UPDATE: We are currently scheduling out about 3 weeks for initial appointment/onsite assessment due to higher demand and are working with clients on renovating or updating their existing landscape as spring approaches. But we can open up the conversation, send information to start planning and budgeting as homework beforehand to get you started. Contact us for current availability to discuss your project in more detail 860-228-3915.

Homeowners and Businesses also want the outside of their home to look interesting and inviting, but not everyone has the time or patience to deal with landscapes that demand a lot of attention and upkeep. Let’s face it, we all have a long list of added responsibilities that make it difficult to keep up with what’s going on in our yards. As the last year has shown us, between work, kid’s schedules, and taking care of other responsibilities, many find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted by the weekend and want to just relax in their backyard.


At Picture Perfect Landscape we specialize in Lower maintenance designed landscape plantings which are a great alternative for busy families.  But remember that low maintenance does not mean NO maintenance. You will still have to take care of weed control (monthly) and pruning (once or twice a year) especially during the spring and summer, but if you can’t do that yourself then you can hire a professional like us to help out. Our clients either mow their lawns themselves or have a local mowing company and leave the landscape beds and plantings to us. 


Lower maintenance landscapes start with a well-planned design. You can’t just pick a bunch of plants that look good at the local garden center like you are going grocery shopping. You need to know what shrubs do well in the shade versus the sun, how tall or wide they will get, how much water they require, when is their peak flower or foliage time (spring, summer or fall) and when to prune them to keep them re-blooming, healthy and compact.


Also by incorporating outdoor living spaces like paver walkways, patios, fire pits and water features like fountains and waterfalls that disappear into rock, you will cut down on lawn care costs and watering. Easier to shovel snow during the winter, not slippery when wet from rain, and they need minimal maintenance if repairs are ever needed or they need to be cleaned up after 5 or more years exposed to Mother Nature’s elements. Power washing and re-sweeping of polymeric sand will make things new again!

Here’s a recent backyard space that is now clean, user friendly, and used almost like another living area but built for the outdoors! 2020 Update-With recent stay at home activities, this client is having a pool installed in a few weeks and we will be extending patio 🙂

Does your walk or patio needs some TLC after years of neglect and Mother Nature causing shifting and dangerous conditions with rain and snow? This is a walkway that we cleaned up, reset base and relaid pavers and installed new paver edging. Swept in some new polymeric sand and voila! Safe and Picture Perfect again 🙂




Are your shrubs overgrown and out of control? Perhaps you’ve got too much green going on and you want some 3 seasons of low maintenance color. Here are a couple before and after front foundation plantings to show you some of the possibilities available when updating your landscape with us!



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