Here comes March and it will be time for spring cleanups and some fresh mulch.This year’s milder temperatures and snow free lawns allows homeowners to evaluate their landscapes much earlier so they can get a jump on their landscaping To-Do Lists.



Hopefully over the next few weeks temperatures will continue warming up since technically March 21st is the first day of Spring so make sure to go out and assess your landscape and lawn now while the ground is visible and snow free. Then be sure to contact us if we can assist you with your spring cleanup or mulch estimate or estimate your next outdoor project before Busy Spring arrives.





With all the rain, some key areas to address are the ones that are low and still holding water/ice since this usually means a drainage issue and possible lawn damage. This is harder to see once things dry up so take photos or mark with flags.



Spring is also prime time to repair any exposed black paver edging or sinking pavers due to snow/ice/water damage in your walkways or patios. We fix any trip hazards by removing the edging, reinstalling the pavers, along with new edging and spikes and then sweeping in new joint sand. You want to do this before any new mulch or topsoil/seed for lawn is installed.


Click here for our latest spring newsletter 2020 that has some tips and more projects to start your outdoor landscaping journey!




Over the last several years, We have been using larger river stone to address areas around pools, foundations, and along driveways where there might be cause for mulch or smaller stone or soil to wash away. Clients can then treat for weeds with sprays and pre-emergent or use a torch to burn the weeds to keep the areas looking good.



Speaking of weeds, once we get a week of rain and warm sunshine everything will just start popping including the green lawns. Be sure to assess any lawn damage early in the season and also start your lawn care weed control programs if you haven’t already.

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Pretty Pink Dogwoods in Bloom

Tree buds will start emerging and it won’t be long until we see new foliage and the flowers of SPRING- Oh allergy time again! I’m not looking forward to the pollen but I’ll take it over cold and snow any day 🙂



walkways and stair solutionsBy end of April we are usually working on our 8th tractor trailer load of our premium dark brown shredded pine bark/hemlock mulch and our maintenance crews will have been out full force staying on schedule with spring cleanups and mulching. If you haven’t contacted our office yet to get on our schedules give us an email or call now 860-228-3915. We are already booking existing clients…


At Picture Perfect Landscape, we specialize in residential landscape projects to enhance the curb appeal of the front of your home, backyard renovations and outdoor living areas for your family’s enjoyment, and lower maintenance plantings for busy homeowners. Click on the image and view a 3D video design we just completed for a new client. In a few weeks we will update you on the actual project installation and completion…

 Landscape pros like to stay on top of what today’s homeowners are looking for in their landscape projects and renovations. We offer the latest in styles and colors for concrete pavers. Take a look at the latest online 2019 Catalogs from Unilock and Techo Bloc. Perhaps you will find some inspiration this week now that the sun will be out and it’s above 50 degrees!


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