It’s finally November! But while most people will be preparing to trim the turkey, the elves at Christmas Décor by Perfect Perfect Landscape are busy trimming the trees! Holiday trees, that is. Christmas Décor has been busy all season, prepping to create custom Christmas displays. If you’re considering tackling a holiday display this year, be sure you know how to safely install your lighted decorations. Our Christmas Décor elves have devised this quick safety overview to help you!


Make sure you secure extension cords to the ground to prevent any Christmas carolers from tripping. Any plugs that are outside should be kept elevated to keep the rain from getting in. A great trick is to use a brick or rock to lift the plug from the ground. You should throw out last year’s Christmas lights too. Old Christmas lights or cords that have been in use for many years can be a fire hazard. How can you be sure your lights are safe to use? Plug in your lights and if they rapidly heat up, it’s time to throw them out.


Secondly, make sure you’re only using Christmas decorations and extension cords that are made specifically for outdoor use. Indoor lights are not designed to withstand winter weather conditions. The cold and the rain could cause irreparable damage to these decorations and also cause short circuits and fires. It’s a great idea to double-check your Christmas lights and decorations to make sure they can withstand the outdoors.


If you do have to use a ladder, use a utility belt and have a helper. That way, you’ll only have to make one trip for your tools, lessening the chance of a fall. Make sure you are using hooks and hangers designed for putting up lights and for outdoor use.  Because nails, screws, and pins can damage your home, these hooks provide a safer and more durable alternative.


We all love to decorate our homes for the holidays so check out the services offered Christmas Décor by Perfect Perfect Landscape. Our Full Service Program includes initial design and electrical layout, professional installation of our lights and decor, maintenance during season, and removal/storage after the holidays are done so don’t worry about clearing out the garage 🙂


Our products are all high quality and commercial grade that will last through many Holiday seasons. Top of the line LED roof lights and mini lights in warm white, multicolor, or solid color. Realistiv artificial garland and wreaths, colorful bows and daytime accents like pine cones and berries. Everything is setup on a timer so that you can safely enjoy the holidays if you are out and about shopping or away visiting friends. No longer will you have to jump out of bed because you forgot to shut them off. The lights will go on and off each day as programmed so you can enjoy the holidays.

Christmas Decor by Picture Perfect Landscape provides service visits to insure your light display is in top shape and if you have any problems a service professional is just a phone call away. Share the Gift of Lights this season with your neighbors, family and friends. Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood with a design from Christmas Decor.

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