This year we will be celebrating our 32nd Anniversary for landscaping and 26th for holiday services. We value our existing clients and look forward to an opportunity to serve new clients each season. We hire dedicated and skilled uniformed workers that show up in our company logoed vehicles. We utilize the proper equipment depending on the size of the job and use top of the line landscaping materials along with a team mentality to get the job completed. From the initial office contact to the estimate and design to the actual installation we pride ourselves on communication every step of the way. Reminder: As a reminder, spring maintenance packages were sent out end of January with Prepay/Deposit Incentives for Spring 2024 Estimates along with a copy of our latest newsletter sent out in January/February. You can also view our online version by clicking this link for PDF  winter-spring-2024-newsletter

MAY 2024 UPDATE FOR EXISTING CLIENTS: Landscape maintenance packages were sent out end of January to pre-book for Spring 2024 including pruning, cleanups, mulching and other outdoor projects to start off our landscape season beginning of March. Once we are past frost in early May we typical start our plantings and lawn repairs and phase 2 construction projects. 

The Groundhog says we may have an early spring compared to 2023 which took its sweet time finally after years of unusual spring warmups since 2019. We also had a late winter blast and snowstorm back in March 2023, so our crews did not get to start back until the end of March which meant everything was delayed and after 2 late frosts in Mid-May caused some foliage damage so call us to discuss your landscaping and if an assessment is needed. 860-228-3915

5/4/24 UPDATE FOR NEW CLIENTS: We are currently scheduling out about 1-2 weeks out for initial appointment/onsite assessment on walkways, patios and retaining walls since the ground is snow free. Don’t wait until it’s warm in May because by then we are booked out due to higher demand in late spring ever year and are working with our current clients on renovating or updating their existing landscape as warm weather approaches. But we will open up the conversation now, get some photos and send information to start planning and budgeting as homework beforehand to get you started. This way you have some homework to do before your meeting and can have a productive initial onsite consult.  Contact us our office for current availability to discuss your project in more detail 860-228-3915. Currently scheduling new June through July projects 2024.

For Landscape Improvements with No Surprises, Spring Planning Carefully! Landscape improvements can make a tremendous difference in the looks, usefulness and value of your property. There’s no time like the present to start thinking about new projects. 2023 was one of the wettest on record especially all of July and continuing into the fall. After all the rain last year many clients found themselves addressing drainage issues, repairing or replacing their aging hardscapes like walks, patios stairs and retaining walls. Also, some lawns and shrubs/trees will suffer with too much rain. So, it’s a good time to assess your landscaping and invest in some TLC to protect your home and investment. 


landscape planIt All Starts with a Plan and a Realistic Budget

Landscapes consist of several different parts, such as walkways, hedges, trees, flower beds and patios. A good improvement plan will take each part of your property into consideration and ensure that all of your new landscape projects work smoothly together.

Even if you’re just making a few improvements immediately, creating a strong plan early can save you significant time and money over the long term. You will find that with a good plan, it’s easier to set priorities, and individual projects can be tackled more quickly because they’ve been thought out in advance.

If you have an older landscape, you might consider a systematic plan for rejuvenating a small section of your property each year. This is an effective way to spread landscape renewal expenses out over several phases while “keeping up” with the aging of your plants. Plus, by focusing on just one or two areas at a time, there will be less distractions to slow down your progress. By planning carefully now, you can look forward to a beautiful landscape that improves the quality of your property for years to come. Smart budgeting will also help, and we can assist you with different options depending on long term plan and expectations or if it needs to be completed in a couple of phases.

Offering advanced 3D Landscape Designs to help you better envision your next outdoor project. Whether it’s a new addition on the house, a pool in the back yard, or updating your entrance area or entire front landscape, seeing the options available to you before construction begins allows you to have not only a better visual on the final project outcome but to make the necessary changes to get exactly what you want beforehand. Spring planning is smart and lets you work on a realistic budget plan or in phases.

Here is an example of one of our design videos we created for a client…Landscape Renovation Project 2021

Assess Your Spring Outdoor Maintenance Needs Early

landscape-tips-exampleAlmost every yard and landscape will get a little out of shape during the off season. But with spring coming on strong, a little “warm-up” conditioning is probably all that’s needed to give you and your property a great jump on the season. Before long it’s going to be time to fire up the grill for that first great-tasting cook-out. And now’s the time to grab an hour here and there to get your yard and patio ready.



Taking a walk to take stock…Spring Planning

A sunny winter afternoon is a great time to check out your current lawn and garden situation and begin planning spring projects. Try carrying a small notebook with you as you tour your property. Now’s the time for making a list of the things you want to do yourself, things you want to have done by a professional, and any questions that come to mind.


Early planning and budgeting needed for most landscape projects. It’s a good idea to start early with any spring projects, but this is especially true for landscape installations or renovations. These take time to plan and construct and spring production schedules fill up in a hurry. This is especially important if you are looking to get a project completed sooner versus later. Due to Covid restrictions, people continuing to stay home more, and increasingly popular work from home options, the current industry material/supply and demand over the past couple years has been turned upside down. We’ve also seen pricing increased across the board from gas to labor as well, so more planning and project reservations needed than we’ve seen in the past 30 years of landscaping. 

picture-perfect-landscape-equipmentProfessional help in spring can be a great value

Spring is a busy time especially here in the Northeast. There are a lot of things to be done in a fairly short period of time once the weather starts to warm up. Spring planning is a good way to access if you can do the work yourself or need to hire a professional. At Picture Perfect Landscape, we have the proper equipment and manpower to assist with maintaining your landscape. Utilizing the right size equipment also does less damage to existing lawns and landscapes too.

Spring services offered: pruning, cleaning out the beds and weeding, creating a fresh edge against the lawn, and re-mulching. Update your landscape: Sometimes landscapes get neglected, have an outdated or overgrown look and pruning just won’t do. We can remove the undesirable shrubs or trees and suggest replacements to enhance and update your landscape and make it easier to care for.



At Picture Perfect Landscape we specialize mostly in landscapes designed for the busy homeowner. More simple designs, less clutter and keeping in mind smarter maintenance while still having color and texture for year-round interest. We also offer annual or semi-annual maintenance of these landscapes. So, if you have existing perennial gardens that require monthly upkeep or looking for an English garden, then we are probably not the right fit for you. Often time, we end up converting these types of landscapes since clients find they can no longer take care of these demanding gardens themselves due to physical or time limitations. Sometimes folks inherit these more demanding landscapes when they purchase a new home. These were usually established and maintained over the years by the previous owner who had more free time and/or money to hire monthly gardeners. We can assess and make changes to create a simpler landscape that requires less maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your investment.

Plant Knowledge and selection is key. Each year we find newer dwarf varieties of shrubs that are designed to be used in smaller places like foundations and entrance areas or along a deck or patio to enhance and give value to your landscape. Drought resistant, winter hardy, and deer resistant seem to be the top requests as well. Please feel free to call on us with any questions or other landscape projects you are thinking of. You may be pleasantly surprised at how economically some of your projects can be completed if planned and budgeted ahead of time before the crazy rush of spring. Look forward to hearing from you soon!


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