Monday September 23 was the first day of Autumn and for many New England natives this is one of their favorite times of year! Leaves changing bringing lots of gorgeous color, cooler temperatures for enjoying the outdoors on walks or playing football and plenty of farm delights like apple and pumpkin picking for the kid in all of us. Check out our fall latest newsletter

Update October 1st 2019: Our crews will be finishing up the last of our scheduled landscaping jobs this week and doing our annual transition into holiday lighting and decorating for the upcoming season. We have already started ladder re-training and refresher classes as well as switching over our trailers to prepare for the busy weeks leading up to Thanksgiving in 7 weeks, Christmas and New Year 2020. Landscape estimates, consultations and designing will start up in February/March 2020.

Damaged lawns that either got burned out or are mostly weeds should also get assessed. If you’ve got a good lawn already, remember to protect your lawns this fall and early winter so you get a head start for next spring. Below is a great article from Popular Mechanics for Home and Garden

FALL LAWN CARE- 6 Steps to Take Right Now

Cooler evenings allows better watering and root development of not only grass but trees and shrubs. Thinking of moving some plants around in your landscape? Fall is a great time for transplanting and dividing perennials such as larger grasses so that come next spring you are already ahead of the game 🙂

Planting Trees and Shrubs in The Fall

September and early October:  Planting trees for added privacy year round is also important this time of year. Better root development with the cooler temperatures for watering  and the ground is still warm enough during the day too. Nurseries have stocked up on freshly dug trees ready to be transplanted to your yard!


Create a natural privacy fence using fast growing evergreens like pines, spruces, and arborvitae. If you can see your neighbors, they can see YOU too…Give us a call and we can give you some ideas and pricing to get you started.



As a reminder, we shut down our landscaping services at the beginning of October each season to transition into our Christmas Decor holiday lighting and decorating services. Our trucks/trailers are switched over to include ladders, equipment and supplies needed to install lighting on roofs and trees over the next 12 weeks to prepare for the upcoming holidays.

Reminder-If there are any projects you are looking to get designed/estimated for next year, be sure to take photos this fall. This way even if there is snow on the ground in February, conversations on budget can be started over the winter for spring landscaping projects and computer designs can be started to plan.


Our Spring landscape maintenance packages (cleanups, prunings, edging and mulching) for existing clients will go out next February for early sign-up with deposit incentives. Spring estimates will start up again in February and March as well.

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