Now that spring is finally here, and as folks anticipate the warmer months ahead, homeowners continue to envision plans for their backyard and how to extend their time outside when planning their outdoor patio spaces. Each year we work with clients to create a space that works for their budget goals and family activities. 2022 seems to be the year that graduations, proms, weddings, and family celebrations are starting to take place again. Very exciting as we have had a number of requests this winter as our clients make plans over the next several months. 

Over the last 2 years many families are finding themselves wanting to enjoy more time at home due to Covid restrictions and working or learning remotely. We are continuing to see an increase in Backyard and Landscape Renovation Projects as well so that families can enjoy their outdoor space safely and, on their terms, when not on vacation. Idea Center-Check out our latest winter-spring-2022-newsletter (click to open pdf in new window) 

Taking the time to Plan your outdoor patio space and backyard is important and may involve more than one meeting. We can do most of this initially over the phone before an onsite evaluation. We are currently working with a number of families that want to enhance their space and make it more usable depending on their budgets and activities.

As we talk with each family, not everyone has the same budget or purpose for their outdoor patio spaces. Some folks work all day and only get to enjoy time outdoors after supper or on the weekends. Many are now working from home full or part time or have kids and stay home all day so are looking for a clean space to retreat to and enjoy.



At Picture Perfect Landscape we specialize in concrete paver installations only. For over 30 years we have found that New England weather is not forgiving to poured concrete due to hot summers and cold winters and those temperature fluctuations will eventually damage stamped concrete and asphalt. Here’s a good article to check out when weighing your options:






Here are some key items that can be considered for your outdoor living space to discuss when planning your project:

1. A clean patio space: Some clients prefer having a patio with a table, chairs, and a grill while others are more ambitious looking to incorporate the convenience of the indoor living to the outdoors adding carpet, furniture sets, cabanas with curtains, outdoor fans, bar area and more.

2. Seating: There are so many seating options for outdoor patio spaces. Beyond the traditional patio table and chairs, you can include bar seating (attached to your outdoor kitchen) as well as informal sitting walls around fire features. Also, chaise lounges, hammocks, perhaps even a glider or bench swing let you relax in style.


3. Fire features: Fire Pits, Fireplace or Outdoor Heaters. Fire features are one of the mainstays of outdoor patio spaces because they extend the use of the outdoors into the cooler fall and winter seasons. We usually recommend simple wood burning versus propane which requires both added electrical and gas utility costs.


4. Pools and hot tubs: These require careful consideration for long term use and maintenance costs especially here in the Northeast. We have found that clients must not forgot some cooling shade from the summer sun and also space to store pool items during the off season too. Pool houses with outdoor showers and larger sheds are a smart solution. Also, many folks want some privacy so screening your activities from the road or neighbors is a budget priority whether it be plant screens or fences depending on your town’s swimming pool codes.

5. Grill and Bar Areas: Cooking outdoors is a central part to most homeowner’s outdoor patio spaces. A well-designed outdoor area is going to make grilling fun and expand your options. For example, you don’t just have to integrate a grill with a table. You can also include a bar with stools, fireplace or smoker and even add an outdoor fridge or cooler for ice. There are so many choices to create your outdoor cooking and entertaining space.

6. Need Cooling Shade: Pergolas, Awnings, Patio Umbrellas, Fans and Misters

Using a pergola or canopy in your outdoor patio space defines an outdoor area whether for dining, entertaining or to just relax while still allowing you to be under the open sky providing a shade from the sun. Commercial Outdoor Fans also provide protection from insects as well as a cooling element so you can enjoy your space.

7. Protection from Wind or Rain: Gazebos, Solid Roof Pergolas or Other Backyard Structure



8. Sound and Senses: Incorporate a tranquil Water feature or a Raised Garden area in your outdoor patio space. Windchimes, or even wireless speakers so you can enjoy your favorite podcast or music while getting some fresh air. The possibilities are endless. Give our office a call today to setup a free consultation and estimate 860-228-3915.


Here’s a great article from HGTV about Patio Planning 101 that I found helped if you are thinking of renovating your backyard this year 🙂



Picture Perfect Landscape has over 30 years’ experience working with concrete pavers and retaining wall systems. We are an Authorized Contractor for Unilock Pavers, and Walls and they have some beautiful top of the line material to create your outdoor oasis. You can check out their design center for ideas to get started. Once you have a basic idea as to what style you like and elements you would like to incorporate, give us a call. Due to current high demand, there may be limited availability on certain styles or colors.  


We also are certified TechoBloc paver and wall installers, and New England Silica has a showroom located in South Windsor that we highly recommend. We are able to meet with clients at their home initially, check out the project site, discuss their plans and goals, and suggest the appropriate materials and design/layout to fit their budget.


Limited Budgets or Phased Projects-Sometimes this may mean doing the project in a couple of phases, but clients can achieve their objectives without having to sacrifice quality. Having a realistic budget is key and smart planning goes a long way to both customer satisfaction and lasting expectations.


Sometimes things have to be done before hand by other companies like tree removal, pool and fence installations, or larger drainage excavation or other structures have to be installed first before your patio space can be assessed. Call us today to open up the conversation and start the process to see what your options are and what our current timeline and availability may be for your particular project. 


Here are just a few sample designs that we have done: Go to our gallery to view more.

For over 30 years, owner Ron Poulin continues to stay updated on the latest products and trends and attends seminars and hands on training demos for patio area spaces. Lots of beautiful paver choices as well as top of the line wall block available for creating walls and seating areas and fire pits for entertaining. This is a new interlocking wall block system called U-Cara that looks great for complimenting patio and pool areas.

If you are interested in structures such as pergolas, pavilions or gazebos, our friends over at Kloter Farms in Ellington CT have a great outdoor showroom with lots of outdoor furniture as well as structures including swing sets, gliders, fireplaces, etc. to add to your patio area enjoyment.

You can also visit Carefree Buildings in Colchester or Newington that has sheds, playscapes, gazebos as well as open pavilions and pergolas to assist in providing shade and protecting your furniture.



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